5 Reasons why a Blog will make you Money

How many times have you thought about starting a Blog on your business website? And how many times have you told yourself: “I don’t have the time”?

Well, write down a Blog Plan Of Action today. In the next 3 minutes you will find out how you can use a Blog to treble your website traffic, build contacts and boost your online sales.

1. Your blog attracts your customers

How much would you pay to drive the right traffic to your website? Well, a Blog can help you connect with your audience – and getting more potential customers on your website can definitely boost your sales.

Investing 2 hours a week might turn into the most profitable marketing tool!

2. Your blog is good SEO

How much would you pay to reach a good ranking on Google? Well, a Blog can help you keep the website content updated and boost your search engine visibility.

And by targeting your audience, it’s even easier to rank your website for the keywords you choose! Once again, creating unique articles with relevant content to your ideal customers will definitely boost your daily traffic and your monthly sales!


3. Your blog makes you an expert

How much would you pay to get potential customers to trust you quickly? Well, a Blog can help you build your reputation as an expert in your industry.

Becoming an authority will make you money. Trust makes people buy. Trust opens your door to training opportunities. Trust brings trust, and more business referrals.

4. Your blog gives your customers a reason to come back

How much would you pay not to lose potential customers that quickly? Well, a Blog can give your potential customer a reason to come back to your website. Don’t forget: no one buys anything on the first time.

An updated Blog, with relevant content, definitely gives your skeptic-by-default-potential-customers a reason not to forget about YOU, your business, your USP. Get’em coming back – they’ll buy.

5. Your blog helps build your database

How much would you pay to build a list of prospects? Well, a good Blog can make your potential customers sign up for your free updates, monthly newsletter, weekly offers, etc.

Building a database should be the number 1 goal of your business website. Potential customers spontaneously decided to sign up for your updates – that means your Blog is relevant to them. And if your Blog is relevant to them, your products are too.


Get your blog started now!

3 minutes were surely enough to convince you, business owner, to integrate a blog onto your website. Get it started now:

Identify your audience’s goal
Identify topics that help reach that goal
Write to help your audience reach goals

…and that’ll make you money.

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