SEO Your Website Title, Boost Your Website Traffic

No matter if you don’t know what your “Website Title” is. In 5 minutes not only you will find out what a Website Title Tag is, but also how powerful and important it is in terms of SEO. Editing your Website Title could boost your website traffic: here are 3 reasons why.

What is the Website Title?

Each online document (a webpage, an image, a video, etc.) requires a “title” element. This “title” is made of text and is meant to be as accurate as possible to describe the document content.

If you have no idea about your homepage title contents, simply google your own domain. The first string of text is your homepage title (or title tag, or meta title, or SEO title).


1. It’s the first thing Google reads

When scanning and indexing your website, Google analises your Title first. Behind your cool-looking website there is a lot of code, and the website title represents the first, most important line of code.

Placing your most important keywords in the title tag really helps increase your ranking in the search engines. No need to say more!

2. It’s the first thing users read

When your website is returned in a search result, your title tag will show up in blue font.

Placing your most relevant keywords in the title tag will help you increase the click-rate for those given keywords. Again, there is no need to explain further but I’ll break the rule! If a user is looking for “Best Christmas Present” and your Website title tag contains those 3 keywords, you’re more likely to get a click!

3. Keywords get bold

When your website is returned in a search result, exact-match keywords will be returned in bold font.

Knowing what the user is looking for will help you decide the most relevant keywords, and therefore Google will help you get clicks out of the user you “chose”. With Google highlighting the user’s search keywords, your click-through-rate will increase.


Website Title Best Practices

As seen above, the website title is absolutely vital in terms of SEO. Doing things right could basically boost your website visits, as soon as Google refreshes its index.

Here are a few practices to get you started:

  • Write a title less than 70 characters long (this is the limit Google displays)
  • Use the most important keywords first (Google and Users will see this first)
  • Write for your users, not the search engines (don’t repeat keywords or write unreadable titles)
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