About “Ecommerce & Beyond: 9 Steps to Skyrocket your Sales Without a Degree in Rocket Science”

Ecommerce and Beyond is a simple, non-technical book for bricks-and-mortar shop owners, ecommerce entrepreneurs or store sales managers who are ready to succeed online (or can’t figure out why their ecommerce website is not selling as much as it should).

This book is not about web design. Plenty of shiny designer websites out there simply do not convert sales. It is about turning visitors into leads and browsers into buyers. That is the essence of good ecommerce marketing – having your website sell globally, 24/7, 365 days per year and automatically, even while you sleep.

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I’ve decided to send a little gift your way; it’s chapter #6, where I describe my sales booster formula and introduce readers to the nine ecommerce marketing steps that give the name to this book.

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Straight forward advice on how to make ecommerce a successful part of your business.

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Straight forward advice on how to make ecommerce a successful part of your business.

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Great Resource. This book is a MUST HAVE if you do online sales.

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Great tool for any business. Thank you for the easy read.

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A must. Everything everyone needs to know about ecommerce. A clever, good read too.

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Excellent ecommerce overview. Very helpful and informative, especially for anybody with their own business wondering what to do.

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This book is a must read for anyone wanting to start or improve their website business.

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Excellent. Great read – instructive and to the point, gives clarity to way forward.

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A Must for ecommerce enthusiasts. I’ve read many books on ecommerce, this is the only one I’ve read twice.

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Book Contents

Here follows the list of book chapters. This list is updated with the chapter names of the second edition of Ecommerce and Beyond, which is to be released in June 2020. This revised, updated and revamped version is now even easier to read.

Ecommerce marketing. In plain English.

Step 0: Product Validation

The Small Business Owner Dilemma

The Ecommerce Engine

Marketing Truths

9 Steps to Skyrocket your sales

Step 1: Track Your KPIs

Step 2: Fix your website

Step 3: Generate More Website Traffic

Step 4: Increase time spent on website

Step 5: Encourage to buy more

Step 6: Unlock Customization

Step 7: Benefit From Existing Customers

Step 8: Capture Leads

Step 9: Implement Email Automation

Where to Go from Here

About the Author

Rodolfo Melogli is an online entrepreneur and founder of Business Bloomer. With a career in engineering and a knack for seeing the solution in every problem, he
has carved out a niche as a well-known expert in internet marketing, ecommerce, WordPress CMS and WooCommerce development. He has helped countless online business owners across the USA, Canada, the UK, Northern and Southern Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa build and learn how to build user-friendly ecommerce websites. A big believer in the ability of small enterprises to build a brighter future for everyone, it is Rodolfo’s goal to teach as many entrepreneurs as possible how to easily use modern tools that answer the age-old question: “How do you make customers happy, while sustainably growing a profitable venture?”

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If you’re willing to increase your website sales, there are many variables you
should take into consideration. At the same time there are so many of them that it
can get quite overwhelming.

For this reason, I want to give you a single formula, so that you can get an
immediate, visual answer to: “What should I work on to grow my website revenue?”.

If you wish to skyrocket your ecommerce revenue without a
degree in rocket science, you need to…


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