3 Tips to Avoid Website Spelling Mistakes

Spelling Mistakes cost millions in lost online sales (BBC, 2011).

So, do you have any spelling mistakes on your Business Website? Ouch! You have no idea how many potential buyers you have put off and how many more won’t buy from you. Just for a silly spelling mistake. So, here are Business Bloomer’s best tips to check your spelling and avoid marketing disasters.

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1: Be Smart and Time-effective

Checking your website for spelling mistakes could take as long as going on holiday and get back home! So, if you want to save time:

Check your website titles, headlines and graphics first. These are the more “visible” elements and you can’t afford to have a typo there!
Offer your business colleague a coffee in exchange for a quick website scan 🙂. She might see what you can’t see.
Copy/paste your text content on MS Word or Google Docs. They will do your spelling check!

2: Use a free online Spelling Checker

If you don’t feel like offering coffees 🙂 you can use one of the free online spell checkers.

W3C Spell Checker. Free service offered by the official body for website standards
SpellCheck. You need to copy and paste your text, but that’d do
Internet Marketing Ninjas. Free tool that scans your website. Great marketing for them, great free tool for you!

3: Proofreed, Profread, Proofread!

How quickly did you spot the 2 spelling mistakes in the title above – “Proofread”? How many times did you need to read it? Well, here are some tricks to find your spelling mistakes:

Print your website. Print every page on paper and read carefully. The environment won’t be very happy but it might help you convert more sales 🙂
Read from the bottom. Read your website text from the last word up to the first. This will help you focus
Check for different things each time. Check your punctuation first, then check your verbs only, then check your adjectives only, and so on
Proofread when… you’re still awake 🙂

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