Website Content Tips – Part 4: Contact Us page

When building your website from scratch or improving your existing website, there is always a thing that drives you mad: the website content. Today, we’ll be giving you the right tips for the Contact Us page. By following our checklists you won’t lose that sale anymore!

Contact Us page content planning

Before writing your Contact Us page, don’t forget that:

1) Your Contact Us page is one of your website’s most visited pages.
2) Your Contact Us page should be used to upsell your products.
3) Your Contact Us page needs to “talk” to the user like a friend.
4) Your contact Us page requires a call-to-action.

Contact Us page content checklist

Here are the key tips to take advantage of your Contact Us page and turn it into a perfect sales conversion machine.

Contact Us page Display – what the user needs to SEE & READ

Contact information: put first things first. The user is either looking for a phone number or an email address.
Contact Form: you really need this. If people can’t access their email account, they can leave a message anyway.
Company information: mention your company address, company registration number, VAT number – build trust
Office information: include a Map and descriptive directions, a photo of your premises and your hours of operation
Company awards: show off your “trophies” if you won competitions and/or your networking/affiliated group logos

Contact Us page – what the user needs to DO

Clickable email: make sure your email address is clickable. You will save the user a copy/paste operation.
Simple Contact Form: use a Contact Form, but keep it simple. Name, email, message – think like your user.
Social Media: the user might be willing to check you out on the social media before contacting you – save the user lots of searching time.

Contact Us page – how you can UPSELL to the user

Call to action: include a link to your products page – why not?
Advertise yourself: have an upcoming event or seminars? if users are willing to contact you, they will easily participate at your next event
Offer: have a current offer?. Use the Contact Us page to advertise it only to the right audience (if users are on that page, it means they belong to your target market)

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