Website Content Tips – Part 3: Products page

When building your website from scratch or improving your existing website, there is always a thing that drives you mad: the website content. Today, we’ll be giving you the right tips for the Products / Services page. By following our checklists you won’t lose that sale anymore!

Products page content planning

Before writing your Products or Services page, keep the following in mind:

1) Your Products / Services page is your website’s most important sales page.
2) Your Products / Services page is not about features, is about benefits.
3) Your Products / Services page needs good quality, professional images.
4) Your Products / Services page requires a call-to-action to your contact Us page.

Products page content checklist

Here are the key tips to turn your Products / Services page into a perfect sales conversion machine.

Products page Display – what the user needs to SEE

Headline: use a big headline to give an immediate idea about the benefits
Bullet points: use bulleted lists to summarise the advantages for the customer
Text: use short sentences and split your text into short paragraphs
Pictures: include high quality images to give immediate trust in your products
No clutter: do not display all your products. Make the user choose between 3 categories: finding the right product will be easier

Products page Benefits – what the user needs to REMEMBER

Problem: what problem does your product solve?
Competition: why is your solution better than your competitors one?
Return: what return on the investment does your product give?

Products page Information – what the user needs to READ

Why: why are you selling that product? Or, better, why should the customer buy it?
What: what exactly are you selling (features)?
How much: what’s the cost of your product? Mentioning a figure means avoiding “cheap” enquiries.
T&C: what are the Terms and Conditions, Return, Delivery and Privacy policies?

Products page Action – what the user needs to DO

Call to action: include a “Buy Now” button or describe how EASY it is to buy.
Contact page: include a link to your contact page. Don’t lose a non-buyer forever!
Social media: let the user share your amazing product to friends. They’ll buy too.
Offer: offer, offer, offer. Nothing for free – but offer. Give the user a reason to come back soon.

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