Website Content Tips – Part 2: About Us

When building your website from scratch or improving your existing website, there is always a thing that drives you mad: the website content. Today, we’ll be giving you the right tips for the About Us page. By following our checklists you won’t lose that sale anymore!


About Us page content planning

Before writing your About Us page, keep the following in mind: 1) The About Us page is the second most visited page of your website. 2) Before buying from you, the user will visit your About Us page. 3) The About Us page it’s not about YOU – it’s about YOUR STORY. 4) An unprofessional About Us page will put potential buyers off straight away.

About Us page content checklist

Here are the key tips to turn your About Us page into a perfect sales conversion machine.

About Us page Display – what the user needs to SEE

  • Headlines: use big headlines to give an immediate idea about the contents[/li]
  • Bullet points: use bulleted lists to summarise your story[/li]
  • Text: use short sentences and split your text into short paragraphs[/li]
  • Picture: include a picture of yourself to give immediate trust[/li]
  • Staff: show the user you’re a real company who hires real people[/li]

About Us page Story – what the user needs to REMEMBER

  • Why: describe why you’re in business
  • How: describe your solutions to the user’s problem
  • Who: describe your personality and expertise
  • What: describe your mission and values

About Us page Information – what the user needs to READ

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • When did you start?
  • Where are you based?

About Us page Action – what the user needs to DO

  • Call to action: “sign up”, “register here” or “buy now” to drive the user
  • Contact page: include a link to your contact page
  • Social media: give the user a reason to keep in touch
  • Newsletter Sign up form: take advantage of the most visited page of your website


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