How to Improve your Ecommerce Website for Mobile Devices

Mobile ecommerce has skyrocketed over the past decade or so. Sales conversion rates are considerably higher on mobile websites than their PC counterpart and, according to KISSmetrics, 78% of mobile searches for local businesses result in a purchase (only 61% of PC local searches convert).

However, these figures could be even higher. So many users are frustrated with mobile sites as they are more difficult to use and less “friendly” than their desktop versions.

Over the course of this blog I am going to outline a few mistakes ecommerce mobile websites often make and how to remedy them, overall leading to a boost in sales.

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Short Web Pages Don’t Sell: 5 Reasons Why Scrolling is Good for You

The client is always right.

That’s definitely the first rule to remember, mostly in my industry. After having dealt with over 100 clients, my web design and ecommerce development “sixth sense” always suggests: the client is always right.

“I want a blue ribbon”, “I’d like a green border”, “I prefer this…”. To be honest, this is why I love working with real people. It’s the challenge of making every client happy that motivates me.

But after attending dozens of seminars and presentations here in California, I’m afraid, I changed my mind. The client is not right any longer – her customers are.

So, let’s break one of the top myths in web design: “Nobody scrolls, I want all of my content to be placed above the fold”.

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11 Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business – Brought to you by California Top Experts!

Wondering why your website is not generating sales?

Well, your website pages can’t convert sales on their own. The online user is sceptical by default, and a good website design means absolutely nothing. Investing on a new website just because you need a “new look” is not sufficient. Not anymore.

So, welcome to the Internet Marketing World. And right here, right now, I’m willing to share with you a few simple tips I’ve learned during my business development stay – here in the U. S. of A!

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10 Reasons why Hiring an Intern Will Boost your Website Revenue

Have you ever wondered why your website is NOT generating sales?

Yes, I know, you thought about it already. And probably you just concluded you have no cash to invest in website traffic generation & no time to look after the marketing and social aspect.

Today, you get a simple solution to your problem. If you are a Sole Trader, a Managing Director or a Website Owner, keep reading. If not, then share with a colleague.

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Why and How to Make your Website Mobile-Friendly (“Responsive”)

First of all – why would you want to upgrade your existing website, instead of getting a “mobile website”? Simple: it’s much cheaper. And much easier. And much more cost-effective.

A separate “mobile website” has gone out of fashion for small businesses – it’s time now to learn how to turn your existing website into a “responsive”, mobile-friendly, website.

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3 Tricks to make your Website more Readable

If you’re wondering why nobody “reads” your website as if it was their favourite newspaper or magazine, please take 4 minutes to read this article. Also, if you have an additional minute, go looking for a newspaper in your home/office and take a look at the homep… pardon!, I meant “front page”.

In 5 minutes we’ll teach you how to improve your website homepage and, hopefully, your sales conversion rate.

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