3 Website Tips to target Your Audience

If your website does not target your audience, it’s like trying to sell steak to vegetarians. So, go on, get to know your ideal customer, improve your website design and find your way to online success!

1. Website Design

Before you speak to your web designer, you need to have clear specifications about your ideal customer. This article takes for granted that you’ve already done your market research – so here are a few design tips to match your website with your audience:

Use creative graphics for creative audiences only
Pick the main website colour from your Logo, and use another to complement it
Use photos with people of the same age of your audience.
Select the right font: serif/sans, thin/thick, straight/slanted, narrow or wide
Choose an appropriate font size: bigger size for older audiences
Use a no-scrolling layout if your audience is… lazy!
Use a “responsive” layout for mobile devices.

2. Website Structure

The most common website mistake is not being able to understand what users are looking for. And if users get lost, converting a sale is going to be very complicated. This is how you can target your website layout and structure to your audience:

Create a smart yet simple navigation menu
Create different navigation menu sections for different audiences
Put the most important content @ website top fold
Don’t abuse of advertisements, mostly if you only make €5/month!.
The 2 clicks rule: each distinct user has to be able to reach the sale page within 2 clicks.
Don’t forget to include a Search box should you have more than 20 pages

3. Website Content

The last, but definitely not the least: content is king. And if your website content is not on target you will never “connect” with your audience. And if you don’t “connect”, your audience is not going to “get in touch” with you.

Language: don’t be YOU, be your customer. Is your customer friendly or very professional?
Headings and bullet points: divide your content in paragraphs and use headings and bullet points to summarise and direct the user to the right section.[
Quality over quantity: don’t write too much, write well and with a purpose (selling).
Jargon-free: 99% of website readers dislike jargon (source: Business Bloomer 2013 :)).
Calls to action: must use them – but don’t abuse if the audience is professional/corporate.

Which other strategies have you used to target your audience? Leave a comment below!

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