What’s the right Colour for your Brand?

Designing a Website? Thinking of a new Logo? Colours own a big share of your Brand. Knowing what potential customers feel about certain colours will help you convey the right message.


Red. Aggressive, Provocative, Urgent, Energetic.

White. Innocent, Simple, Clean, Pure.

Purple. Royal, Powerful, Creative, Mysterious, Spiritual.

Blue. Confident, Trustworthy, Secure, Stable, Calm.

Pink. Youth, Fun, Girly, Clean.

Green. Healthy, Lucky, Fresh, Calm.

Orange. Balanced, Enthusiastic, Funny, Healthy.

Yellow. Happy, Inspired, Optimistic, Warm, Energetic.

Brown. Rustic, Earthy, Simple, Durable.

Black. Elegant, Professional, Serious, Sophisticated, Classic.

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