3 Signs your Website Content is out of date

If your website content is not fresh and updated, you will lose business. This is one of the most common mistakes a website owner can do. Is a potential customer who reads your 2-year-old brochure or takes a look at your run-down premises ever going to buy anything from you? Well, you know the answer.

1. Footer copyright Year

Scroll to the bottom of your website (footer), and check the date of the copyright notice. Trust me, this has a huge effect on the website visitors. Having the right year helps users understand the website is still “alive” and currently updated.

Tip: ask your web developer to implement an automatic “current year generator” so you don’t need to change the copyright notice each year.

2. Latest blog date

If you have a blog page but don’t write blogs, delete it now please 🙂

There is no more annoying thing in the internet than reading out of date articles. And there is no worse thing than finding out your latest blog is dated 2011. Either write blogs or don’t have a blog page.

And that’s not only bad for users, it’s bad for search engines too. Keep writing, and you’ll be rewarded.

Tip: make sure your latest blog has this year’s date. If you have no time to write a new one, hire a ghost writer.

3. Website calendar widget

The worst of all. If you thought your website would turn fancy with a calendar widget, make sure that that calendar is showing the current year!

I’ve seen it so many times and the more I see it the more I feel like dropping an email to the website owner : “Are you still in business“?.

Tip: Do not use calendar widgets. If you really have to, and if you run seminars or events, make sure you have at least one event scheduled for this year.

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