3 Reasons why your Website needs a FAQ Page

What does F.A.Q. mean? Simple: it stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. The one that I just wrote is a FAQ itself! And one of the most common FAQs about FAQ website pages is: what’s in it for my business website?

1. FAQ Page » More Money

That’s right. I bet you cannot believe it. Yes, having a FAQ page on your website will actually make you money. Spend 30 minutes this week to create your FAQ page – and you will be delighted to earn that extra income!

1. How can I save TIME with a FAQ page? If your FAQ page is easy to find (we recommend placing it in the navigation menu and link it from the contact page), it’ll make sure you don’t waste your time answering to the same questions over and over again. Time is money, so why not having your website doing your boring work? Write down a list of “boring questions” you’ve been asked, and include them in your FAQs.

2. How can I CONVERT MORE SALES with a FAQ page? If your potential customer is not sure yet whether to buy or not, there you go! Include a couple of FAQs aimed at increasing your conversion rate. Link to your best-selling services or products, include your contact information, highlight your product benefits. Trust me, there is no better place than the FAQ page.

3. How can I UPSELL with a FAQ Page? As the FAQ Page is one of the most visited text based pages of your website, you can take advantage of the FAQs to briefly showcase what else you sell. Think of 2 to 3 upselling questions that would simply do a great job on their own! For example: What sort of discount can I get if I order a Logo Design together with a Website Design?

2. FAQ Page » Better SEO

That’s also correct. You can take advantage of your text content based FAQ page to boost your website traffic! Wow, so far so good 🙂 – FAQ means more money and more website traffic. Get it done asap!

Search Engines love FAQ website pages. If you know a thing or two about Search Engines, Google & co. love text, love questions (how many times have you “asked” something to Google?) and love keyword-targeted content.

Don’t lose time, write your search engine optimised FAQ page!

3. FAQ Page » Less Customer Support

A FAQ page allows you to save time and money on unnecessary Customer Support issues. Existing clients might be very demanding. So, every time a question is asked, and time is wasted, write that FAQ down on your website.

It could save you so much time. Take a look at PayPal, Amazon and other big websites: their FAQ page is not only there to help you, but is also there to make them save millions, every day.

Before outsourcing your Support, go with the simple solution: write a helpful FAQ page 🙂

How helpful is your FAQ Page? And how much money have you saved? Leave a comment below!

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