4 Kick-Ass Reasons You Should Be Selling Online Right Now

Do you provide services? Are you a consultant? Do you sell products? Well, right NOW is the right time to understand you’ve got nothing to lose. We are the luckiest business owners ever: never in the past we were able to trade with absolutely everybody in the world, and also reach them easily and cheaply.

So here are the 4 reasons I think you should spend the next 5 minutes thinking of how you can grow your business online.

1. Your Competitors Are Handing You Business on a Silver Platter

Gosh, I tell you very honestly my friend: your competitors suck! Your competitors are already thinking about the next prospect, without caring about customer retention. Your competitors are learning stuff on the internet and do simple, boring stuff. Your competitors don’t fulfil their promises to their clients.

I call this LUCK!!!

This is the right time to go online and make a killing. Take it or leave it. ANYONE can have a successful online side of the business. Sometimes, the online side can become even bigger than the traditional one. It’s all about understanding your USP and your AUDIENCE.

Who is your audience and why should they buy from you? Try asking yourself this question and you’ll realise how difficult that is. Work on this, get this done, and make sure your STORY is absolutely everywhere on the website.

But mostly, who are YOU? How do customers perceive you? What’s your personal brand about? How authoritative are you? What do you want people to think ok you? What do you stand for and what do you stand against?

Let people hear about you. Organise an interview with a non-competitor and find out how EASILY you can be perceived as the ONLY EXPERT!

2. It’s Never Been so Cheap to Buy Leads

Now that Google Adwords is becoming more and more competitive, Facebook advertising is growing exponentially. The main difference? Facebook is not really a “search engine”, however it allows you to target your simple Ads to WHATEVER NICHE OF PEOPLE you like.

Alright, but I have no Facebook?

Don’t bother, create an empty account and set up Ads. That’s all you need. you don’t even need a Facebook Page to do Ads (as I write). Clicks can cost you even less than 0,05 euro, and you can reach a married man in his 40s who likes retail, who works in consulting and is interested in surfing.

Finding leads on Facebook is becoming HUGE. Sorry – I meant, HHHUUUGGGEEEE!!

And despite its price increase, Google AdWords is still very, very effective. How about driving 100 very qualified leads to your website and have your website capture 10% of them?

Would you change your mind if I told you you could have 10 EXTRA CUSTOMERS per day? Starting TOMORROW?

3. Selling Online is not Rocket Science Anymore

From generating automatic, qualified online traffic, to lead capture and autoresponders, you might be actually confused. Too much, too overwhelming, too many “experts”, too much to learn.

Hey, internet is NOT rocket science anymore! Doing business online is now for EVERYBODY. Entrepreneurs here in California are making 6 figures or more with a basic, simple website – as long as the traffic they receive is pre-qualified.

Do you upsell to existing customers? Do you ASK for testimonials and reviews? Do you spend time trying to get your customers to spend more? If your answer is NO, there is something you could do today to improve your sales.


4. Niche it Down

Your competitors have no story, you might have one – just think about it and write it down on paper. What’s your mission, your business goal, your target?

Your story is not for EVERYBODY, your products are not for EVERYONE, your services are not for EVERY CLIENT. Today, you can actually do a better business by choosing only one niche, and specialise yourself within that niche.

You don’t need to sell to every single person. You need to sell to every single person in a given, VERY SMALL niche.

And if you have a BRAND, a NICHE, a STORY and a WEBSITE, you can plan on retiring early.

No more time wasting. Fire all the non-money making activities you do everyday and you will succeed. I stopped visiting Facebook 10 times a day. I stopped looking after side projects that were not contributing to my income. Instead, I observed, I listened, I learned and have changed a lot.

Making money online (or doubling your offline profits via internet) is what we should be thinking about, right NOW.

This was my stream of consciousness. What’s in your mind? Leave a comment below!

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