4 Reasons why AdWords will Boost your Sales

Whether you are a product seller or a service provider, sell expensive or low-end products, have many or no competitors, Google AdWords can help your website sell more.

Google AdWords is the most popular form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) website advertising. Either Google itself or private agencies can create your AdWords account, decide which keywords to use to target your potential customers, write effective Ads and guarantee you get on Page 1 of Google in a few minutes – unlike SEO.

Some businesses earn 70% of their revenue thanks to AdWords. Want to find out how and why?


1. AdWords is cost-effective

AdWords allows your website to reach Page 1 of Google. With Page 1 getting 95% of the overall clicks, your website will get an immediate visibility boost.

Also, you pay only when users click on your Ad. With the average cost per click being €1-€2, there is room for any type of advertising budget. €30 could be enough for your website to convert sales and dramatically increase your revenue.

2. You reach your potential customers

Marketers would pay millions to achieve this, in a cost-effective way. Newspaper and radio Ads are read or listened by hundreds, thousands of users, but only a small percentage will be interested in your product.

With AdWords, you target potential customers who are targeting you as a seller. There is no better value than this – your website will show up when the user is looking for something to buy!

Whether your website sells products or services, how valuable is a “quality visitor”?

3. You collect important data

AdWords can help you work on your website SEO. You can collect the best performing keywords – so why not to use them to do SEO in the future?

Also, Return On Investment (ROI) calculation has never been so easy. Keep track of your click-spend, your website conversions and start measuring your return.

4. You get instant results

Not only you reach Page 1. You get there in minutes.

There is no need to wait for the next newspaper edition or radio programme anymore: set up AdWords and start selling instantly.

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