4 Things People Hate about your Website. And make them Leave.

Hi there! According to the latest statistics, either yourself or the next reader will abandon THIS website in the next 10 seconds.

However, why not take a look at this article first? Find out now why your users leave your website so soon. Learn the Mistakes, find the Solutions, and increase your website sales conversion rate.


..10 seconds have past. This article has already lost 50% of its viewers – by default. So, how to retain the other 50% (including yourself)?. Simple: let’s learn from these simple mistakes.

1. The Website page is Irrelevant

Relevancy is everything. No matter the rest. You – my website visitor – will leave this page if its content doesn’t meet the expectations.

The website owner should always consider the following:

Why did the User start reading?
Which source did direct the User here?
What does the User want to do next?

Given that 50% of the audience has already abandoned the website, I want to make sure this page is relevant to the other 50%. You probably started reading this article because of its title. However, if the article content is not consistent with its title, you will be abandoning soon.

So, make sure the reader is in the right place – and don’t trick him/her with strong headlines.

2. The Website page looks Awful

You only have 10 seconds to convince your website visitor. Unfortunately, turning that visitor into a potential buyer takes much, much longer. If your Website looks terrible, would you expect your visitor is going to buy your product or services? No.

The website owner should always consider the following:

Do the images/pictures look professional?
Is the text content well written?
Are the website layout and style consistent?

Spelling mistakes. Low resolution images. Clutter. Jargon. Too many colours. No company logo. Putting visitors off is so, so simple. A badly designed, badly written and unprofessional website just won’t make that sale!

So, for 1 hour, turn yourself into your ideal website user and go through your website pages. Simply think like your customer, and you’ll be able to higher your conversion rate.

3. The Website page has external links

Yes, that’s right. The User did probably abandon your Website as you asked him/her to do so! Business website owners often asks for external links to their suppliers website or other relevant websites.

Forget about your suppliers, and ask yourself the following:

Is an external link really necessary?
If yes, does that website sell your products/services?
If yes, does that page open in a new browser window?

This is quite simple: do not redirect your Website Users to another website unless that website sells on your behalf. There are many ways not to upset your suppliers or friend websites: instead of linking to their website, request a catalogue from your supplier and upload it on your website. Everybody’s happy.

4. The Website page puts people off!

The biggest mistake you can do: integrating “cool” website functionalities. Personally, would you not go nuts if this page had a “popup” window asking you to sign up for a SEO seminar? You only wanted to read an article about “Retaining website visitors” – so why would I put you off?

So, make sure your website DOESN’T HAVE:

Autoplay Music
Irrelevant popup windows
Irrelevant Ads
Autoplay Videos
Too much flashing
Slow loading time
Coding mistakes
Terrible navigation menu

There is lots you can do to improve your website. But there is also lots you shouldn’t do. In this case, don’ts are more important than dos.

If you found this article interesting – and you’re still reading – that’d mean this page met your expectations, the look of the page resulted to be not that bad, the page didn’t redirect you elsewhere and I didn’t put you off. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Rodolfo, I just came here to say it was great to meet you on Saturday night but I’m glad I did, this post is very interesting and very thought provoking.
    And I stayed to the very end, which proved your point!


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