Why and How I switched to Stripe for Online Payments and Ecommerce

500% sales conversion increase.

Credit card checkout on the same website (without having to go to PayPal and back).

Lower fees than PayPal.

I could go on for hours if I had to list all the reasons why I’m highly recommending all my Ecommerce clients to switch to Stripe for Credit Card processing (and yes, you can keep using PayPal for PayPal account holders, and Stripe for credit cards only…).

So, after a few whys, here are a few more. Plus, a handy “how do you do it?” guide.

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When to (and not to) use PayPal for your Online Business

It’s always a good time to start selling directly from your website. Whether you sell products or provide services, a “Buy Now” button will make your life easier – and your revenue bigger: if you make it easy for your online visitors to buy, they will buy.

One of the easiest ways to integrate a “payment gateway” on your website is by using PayPal. So, find out when you should use it or when you’d better use another eCommerce payments provider.

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