A Mobile Website for your Business: Yes or No?

By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online. By 2015, there will be one smartphone for every person on earth. As more of your competitors go “Mobile”, now is the right time for your “Mobile Website Plan Of Action”. Know your audience, know your competitors, know what the internet offers.

1. Mobile Website: the time is now?

There is no news for Irish businesses. Customers use smartphones for their social media, e-commerce and local information needs.

Check your Google Analytics statistics to see how much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices and what pages mobile users are visiting. Is it the contact page for directions or the reservations page?

2. What is a Mobile Website?

Just because you can see your website on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly. Mobile websites are designed for the small screen, with the mobile users in mind.

Mobile matters, and so does your business Mobile Website – or “Mobile Friendly” Website. In fact, there is no doubt whether your website should go mobile or not – the only IF is whether you should get a separate Mobile Website or make your current Website Mobile-friendly (“Responsive Web Design”).

3. Mobile Website or Mobile Friendly?

In order to decide which solution best fits your website, you need to outline your audience needs and your business goals.

What is your mobile website goal?

Give directions to your premises?
Sell products online (e-commerce)?
Increase business leads?
Convert sales from mobile ads?

What does your mobile user need?

Click-to-call button?
Map & directions?
Buy a product / Book a seat?
Download an app?

This is the first step of your plan to action: your mobile website has to give you the right return on the investment.

4. Mobile Website design strategy

Once you have outlined what your user needs and what you have to offer, it is quite simple to decide your strategy. Either get a custom built mobile website or make your current website user-friendly.

Just need to give directions and a phone number?

Get a 1-page Mobile Website
Redirect mobile users to that page
Include a Click-to-Call button
Include a Map with directions
Include a link to your desktop website

Just want to make sure your website is “mobile friendly”?

Get a “Responsive” website template
Put a clickable Phone Number on each page
Reduce the length of each webpage to avoid too much scrolling
Remove or Resize images automatically to avoid slow loading time

Need a mobile website for your marketing campaign?

Get a Complete Mobile Website
Include a simple navigation menu and a search box
Use big, clickable, thumb-friendly buttons
Make it easy and fast to buy & contact
Always include a link to your full website

5. What’s next?

Each solution is for different budgets and different needs. It’s always good to know what your choices are and where the highest return on the investment is.

There is no doubt that in Ireland, and all over the World, mobile users are going to increase and your website will have to adapt to this big change. However, depending on your website goals, you might just need a quick re-design or a simple 1-page Mobile Website.

A brief recap:

Check your Analytics for mobile devices. That percentage is going to increase!
Outline what your ideal user would look for on a mobile website
Decide what you want to offer to a potential mobile user
Find the most suitable solution for your ROI

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