Is your homepage user proof?

The Homepage is the most important page of your Website. If it catches your visitor’s attention, you have good chances to make a sale! Here are 6 secrets to design a super Homepage:

1) The 3 seconds test. Open your homepage and count to 3. Would a user understand – in 3 seconds – what message you are trying to convey?

2) Brand identity. Does your Homepage say what the Website is about? And does your logo stand out?

3) Benefits. Does your Homepage show the features of your products, or their benefits? Users are always looking for great benefits, not cool features.

4) Direct links. Use clear navigation links to the other Website pages. Use a different colour, font size, or graphic to send them to the page you want, e.g. the Contact page!

5) No go-away. Your Homepage should not have any links to external Websites. Better not to drive traffic away that quickly!

6) Contact us. Is your phone number & email address on your Homepage?

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