6 Great tips to make your Contact Us page work

Every website has a Contact page. However, not every website has a Contact page that converts. The following tips will help you build a Contact page that works – and you will double your chances to be contacted by potential customers.


First, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1) How would you like to be contacted and in which order? (phone, email, mobile, contact form?)

2) What information do potential customers need if they decide not to contact you? (FAQ, policies, social media?)

Now, let’s get started!

Build trust

Write your complete physical address, your company VAT / Registration number and a link to your Privacy policy. There is no better way to say you actually exist, are legal and take care of  your customer’s privacy!

Be contactable

List all the ways to contact you (phone, email, mobile, contact form) – in order of importance – and your daily availability. Make sure the user is aware of how you want to be contacted, how quickly and when.

Be reachable

Include a map and descriptive directions, a photo of your premises and your hours of operation. You don’t want a potential customer to get lost when trying to reach your office, right?

Give alternatives

If the user decides not to contact you, don’t lose a potential sale! Put a link to your FAQ page and your Social network pages so you two can keep in touch.


I’m sure you may have an upcoming event or seminar somewhere in your area. Include a link to it – there is no better way to fill the seats if people want to talk to you already.

Be secure

For your own safety, include a captcha verification on your contact form. Also, a non-clickable email address doesn’t scare spammers – make it clickable and users will love that.

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