3 Best Free Tools to check your SEO Ranking

Now more than ever, ranking well on the search engines determines whether our website is going to be successful or a waste of money. Unfortunately, googling your own website and checking your ranking for hundreds of keywords is really time consuming.

Here’s why the following automatic tools can help you save time, and money.

1. Google Search Console

Formerly Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is another great product offered by Google. You can sign up for free with the same credentials you use for Google Analytics.

Source: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ie

The most difficult thing about Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is verifying you are the website owner. However, this could take 2 seconds if you already have Analytics.

Once GWT starts receiving data, you can access the Search Queries page from the left-hand menu (/Traffic/SearchQueries). This page offers useful stats and you can check your website ranking for specific keywords.

As the page shows combined results, data can be filtered. We recommend using the “word or phrase” filter to select wanted keywords and the “filter by location” to focus on local searches e.g. “Ireland: Google.ie”.

2. SERPfox

Serpfox is an easy-to-use online tool. You can check your website ranking for up to 10 keywords for free.

Simply create a free account, enter your web address, choose 10 keywords and a very user-friendly table will show your current “SERP” (search engine result page).

You can select either Google or Bing, and choose your favourite location e.g. Ireland / Google.IE for more targeted results.

Source: http://www.serpfox.com/assets/images/tracking.png

3. Cuterank

Cuterank is a simple software that you can install on your computer. It let you check your website ranking for unlimited keywords, for free.

Simply log on to Cuterank website, download the .exe file and run the install.

The setup is really straight forward: choose your domain name, your keyword list, the search engines (Google Bing Yahoo and sub-locations) and run the first report!

Source: http://cuterank.net/screenshots/

Do you use other tools to check your ranking? Leave a comment below!

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