5 Great Ways to Find Affordable Blog Writers

Running a business is a full time job, no matter what size your business is. And extracting time out of your busy schedule to write blogs is something you might find difficult to do.

So how can you find and hire affordable blog writers, and therefore guarantee that your business’s blog can generate constant traffic and revenue?

A freelance writer can help you be on schedule, produce original material, and write about something that is out of your knowledge. Finding the right one is not easy, and therefore here are some ways to find great bloggers.

1) Fiverr

One of the most commonly used platforms for hiring content writers is Fiverr.

People from all across the globe can showcase their expertise and are available for all sorts of article writing tasks. The reason why Fiverr is so widely used is that the amount of all tasks is fixed, (yes, you got it, it’s a fiver) and payments are very safe and reliable.

The only problem which buyers sometime face on Fiverr is that there is no way to authenticate the skills of a seller. So the only option buyers have is to trust what the seller says she is capable of.

2) Problogger

Problogger is one of the best marketplaces for bloggers and publishers to connect.

The website also guides novice bloggers on how to work professionally to earn good money, and also discusses various topics in order to polish their blogging skills.

Business owners can find professional writers on this website quite easily. It costs $50 to post a job.

3) Elance

Elance is the biggest worldwide platform freelancers.

Whether you are looking for a freelancer or are one yourself, Elance is the place you need to be! Business owners can easily find freelancers of all sorts, from data entry experts to programmers and from web designers to blog writers.

Registration on Elance as well as posting job descriptions is free. At the time of writing this article, Elance charges a commission fee and 8.75% of total transaction as service fee..

4) Craigslist

For business owners looking for content writers and coders, Craigslist is one of the best platforms because the writing and coding sections are updated with numerous new listings every day.

There is a wide variety of options to choose from at affordable prices. On the other hand, some of them can be risky too. So be careful before you select your writer.

5) LinkedIn

You can use LinkedIn to find writers, web designers, coders, programmers, and even… employees.

Just logon onto your account and search for “Blogger” or “Writer” in your area (or, even better, in your industry). That’s it! I also recommend to filter search results by “2nd connections”, which means someone of your connections is connected to them – and therefore might be much more reliable.

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