4 Tips for Effective Client Testimonials

Do website testimonials work? Not always. Testimonials work only if they are credible. If you generate business through word-of-mouth, your website could do exactly the same with a simple line of text! So, find out now how to transform your website user into a paying customer by using effective testimonials.

We already said why website testimonials build trust. But what are the best ways to get, write and place this valuable piece of information?

1. Ask for testimonials!

If a client ever tells you how good is your service or product, don’t hesitate: ask them for a testimonial. This is the easiest way to collect useful information that you can then use onto your website. Make sure you:

Ask client permission to publish
Help the client write it, by asking specific questions
Send a thank you note to your client

2. Keep it simple

Long testimonials are not effective. If you ask the right questions, your client will give you the correct answers and you won’t need to over-edit testimonials. Here are a few tips to create effective testimonials:

Use a simple structure: this was the problem >> this was the solution
Include key benefits: “this product is awesome” vs “this product helped me save money”
Mention specific figures: “our sales increased” vs “it doubled our profits”
Compare: did the client use another product before yours?

3. Don’t fake it

This is one of the main reasons why we’re talking about “effective testimonials”: you’ve got to be credible! So, don’t fake it, it’s too risky. These are a few information that will help you write sincere testimonials:

Include client’s full name & company name
Enhance credibility by publishing a photo and/or logo
Use audio and video to maximise the effect

4. Place them smartly

An effective testimonial won’t work if it’s not placed in a strategic location of your website. Depending on where you place them, your conversion rate could increase dramatically. So, follow these simple tips:

Don’t create a Testimonials page – put Testimonials on every page
Use Google Analytics Experiments to test how different versions of your pages affect conversion rate
Place testimonials near your calls to action (that’s when the user hasn’t decided yet)

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