Effective Email Replies to Convert your Sales

Have a Website? Do potential customers contact you by email? Today you can improve your conversion rate through effective email replies.


Write your objectives
Before typing the email, write down on paper what your marketing objective is.

Use a powerful Subject
Keep the most important section of your email short, descriptive, and interesting.

Add the Recipient last
Avoid unconfortable mistakes, and the conversion is more likely to happen.

Keep it friendly & short
If the customer provided their name, use it in your reply. Be friendly and use simple language.

Double check your spelling
It migth be a good ide befoer sendign youremail. And try not to use CAPITALS.

Use bullet points to list your benefits
Bullet points are much easier to read/scan. Promote your benefits, features can always be advertised by putting a link to a relevant page of your own Website.

Increase your chances with a call-to-action
“Click here”, “Call today” or simple Questions will put the reader under pressure. A call-to-action is what you need to improve your email conversion rate.

Avoid email templates and unnecessary attachments
Show your readers you are not a machine. And that you are not trying to send them potentially dangerous attachments.

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