How to Add an Admin to your Google Analytics account

This is a simple how-to guide to add a user to your Google Analytics account, so that you don-t need to share your own login and password.

Just make sure to have login details to your own Google Analytics account and the email address of the admin you want to add.

1. Login to Google Analytics

Go to Google Analytics and enter your Google login and password. They are the same of your gmail address if you own one.

2. Add a new Admin user

  • Click Admin on the top navigation bar.
  • From the left column, select your Account.
  • From the same column, click User Management.
  • Under Add permissions for, enter the email address for the user’s Google Account
  • Select all permissions: Read & Analyze, Manage, Edit, Collaborate.
  • Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to the user you’re adding.
  • Click Add.

And that’s it!

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