3 Things You should Know about Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is pretty straight forward but I’m sure there are some functions you don’t know about. These not-very-well-known tools could help you boost your online success: get started today!


1. In-Page Analytics

With In-Page Analytics you can visually analyse how users interact with your website pages. You should use it:

  • + To assess if your layout is user-friendly
  • + To see where users are clicking the most
  • + To test your calls to action
  • + For troubleshooting


Common uses:

  • + If users can’t find your link, change its position
  • + If users prefer to click on links you don’t want, make these less “attractive”
  • + If users don’t click on a link check if you forgot to make a hyperlink 🙂


To access In-Page Analytics from your Analytics dashboard, click on Content > In-Page Analytics.

2. Navigation Summary

With Navigation Summary you can find out, for each visited page, which pages the visitors came from and which pages visitors went next. You should use it:

  • + To study your website navigation flow
  • + To make sure users didn’t “get lost” when looking for relevant content
  • + For troubleshooting


Common uses:

  • + If users click on irrelevant links on certain pages, remove them
  • + If users can’t find what they were looking for, avoid they exit the website!
  • + If users don’t spend enough time on the website, add further links


To access Navigation Summary from your Analytics dashboard, click on Content > All Pages > Select one page > Navigation Summary (tab @ top).

3. Real-Time BETA

Real-Time is probably one of the most underestimated functions of Google Analytics. You can basically see what’s happening on your site as it happens. You should use it:

  • + To measure Social Media impact
  • + To assess your PPC / AdWords campaign
  • + For troubleshooting


Common uses:

  • + When you stop receiving visits from Social Media, that’s the time to reengage
  • + When launching a new AdWords campaign, assess the behaviour of the first visitors before you start driving lots visitors to your website
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