3 Reasons why Users aren’t Coming Back to your Website

Visitors are NOT likely to buy your product or service on their first visit to your website. You need to convince your potential customers, beat the competition, offer value, and that may not be enough.

We already said how important it is to keep visitors onto your business’s website for longer. Longer is important, but More Often is vital.

So, fix the following 3 issues and make your website work for you – that is make your website sell as if it was your best salesperson.


1. No professional website = No returning visitors

Putting your website visitors off is so simple, unfortunately. Love at first sight really exists. A professional look is absolutely necessary to turn visitors into potential customers.

A single spelling mistake, a poor quality image or logo, too much clutter, excessive jargon and irrelevant content will definitely reduce to 0% your chances to make business through your website.

Use your Google Analytics or stats counter to analyse your visitors navigation paths, reading times, exit rates and returning percentages. A little analysis could make you understand how to boost your website sales!

2. No new content = No returning visitors

If your website looks professional, there is another reason why a first-time visitor will never come back: your website doesn’t offer new content.

Create new, useful, relevant, interesting content every week and your returning visitor statistics will grow instantly. Think about, plan and create a Blog page. Include industry-related News. Publish new website pages if it suits your business.

Not only you’re helping your website rank higher in the search engines – new content increases your chances to turn potential customers into buyers.

3. No asking for it = No returning visitors

This is one of the main reasons why you will end up losing 100% of your potential sales: you’re not asking the user to come back! If you publish new relevant content every week, you’ve got to say it to your first-time visitor, and clearly.

Put up a monthly offer on your website, or a daily competition. Get your potential leads to subscribe to your great newsletter – but first give them a reason why they should sign up. Specify how often you write a blog and when. Create expectations, get users to trust you.

Once the “trust” stage is reached, your visitor – now potential customer – is more willing to buy your product or service.

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